Return to Provision Connecting the return to provision processes

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Combine ONESOURCE Tax Provision and ONESOURCE Income Tax

In the tax department, any time savings and risk management pays dividends. With the ONESOURCE return to provision solution, seamlessly share data between the your income tax return and tax provision processes to ensure the highest level of accuracy in the least amount of time.

Reuse data with return to provision

By using the same data for return and provision, tax departments can cut days and even weeks from the annual closing process by eliminating duplication and decrease risk by ensuring data is consistent across tax department processes.

Return to provision, tailored to your needs

Our unique return to provision software can be adapted to the specific needs of your firm. Translate between the levels of detail required on the provision to the detail required in your returns. ONESOURCE integrated return to provision can accommodate different charts of accounts, entities and adjustments and provides one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-one data integration.

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ONESOURCE Return to Provision by Thomson Reuters

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A look at how the ONESOURCE return and provision integration solution has helped corporate tax departments get complete control of their entire tax process.

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