WorkFlow Manager for Wealth Management Comprehensive workflow & document management

WorkFlow Manager for Wealth Management

Confidence doesn’t happen by accident

The more efficient your office, the better you can serve your clients and comply with regulations. ONESOURCE WorkFlow Manager can help. It uniquely combines comprehensive document management, workflow, and scanning features with sophisticated functionality and the power of the Internet to help you manage compliance risk. It’s tailored to your unique needs and backed by unparalleled service to provide your institution with a solution that can effectively track, secure, and streamline all documents for any business process. That’s the kind of efficiency your clients can appreciate. And the kind of compliance your business demands.

Using custom views, you can analyze staff productivity—who is doing what, when and how quickly—to help balance workloads and resources and identify workflow issues. You can then use this information and WorkFlow Manager to help automate your most labor intensive processes, including account openings, regulatory reviews, discretionary payments, estate administration, and more.

Free yourself from manual processes to focus on your business.