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Get comprehensive solutions from the trust tax leader serving financial institutions around the U.S. Rely on ONESOURCE Trust Tax for the software and support you need to prepare and file your fiduciary tax returns. Our automated process helps you bridge the data from existing systems and create clear, compliant reporting and documentation.

A market-leading approach to fiduciary tax

For more than 40 years, we have been the trusted resource that most fiduciaries and trust tax managers use. ONESOURCE Trust Tax from Thomson Reuters has the software to meet every U.S. federal and state requirement.

ONESOURCE Trust Tax provides wealth managers with an integrated compliance solution that automates the fiduciary tax process from data management to 1099 and 1042-S reporting. To accomplish this, our software interfaces with every trust accounting system available.

Others utilize our trust tax and 1099 software, the most comprehensive solution available. It automates the fiduciary tax process, handling every type of return, including estimates. We also offer web delivery of tax documents, which can save time and money by giving beneficiaries direct access to their information and documents.

Your trust tax data is securely stored on Thomson Reuters servers, with regular system updates and daily data feeds. There’s a central location to find every document, and find it fast when you need it. We’ve also doubled up on security by having a full data recovery plan, along with ongoing document data backups.

ONESOURCE Trust Tax offers

  • Trust Tax

    The most complete software on the market, handling every type of state and federal return.

  • 1099 & 1042-S Solutions

    A comprehensive tax information reporting solution for financial institutions.

  • Web Delivery Service

    This optional service lets you provide beneficiaries instant access to documents via a secure website.

Case Studies

Attracting and retaining clients is an ongoing quest for the banking and financial services industry. Providing clients with unique, value-added services is a key element of this pursuit. That’s what led UMB to switch to ONESOURCE Trust Tax as its fiduciary tax services provider.

UMB was already outsourcing its fiduciary tax function to a large accounting firm, but they weren’t realizing the benefits and cost savings that were expected.

When we made the decision to outsource our trust tax function, we expected to eliminate much of the day-to-day involvement with fiduciary tax work. We just werentt seeing the focus and attention from the provider we had desired. This is the core business of ONESOURCE Trust Tax, and we are now seeing the results we originally anticipated.

Clyde Wendel, President, UMB Asset Management See all Trust Tax case studies

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